Medal winner – M4A1 76mm (Wet) Sherman

Member John Shimek built this kit bash in 1/72 scale of a M4A1 76mm (Wet) Sherman tank using an Italeri hull and the T-23 turret from a Revell kit. The exterior model depicts a M1 A1 C 76mm gun with the threaded barrel collar from Armo metal barrels, also added hatch periscopes, mg mount from brass, turret bustle .50 cal stowage rack/clips reworked to correct shape, antenna/spring filament added along with a fixed wing sight. Interior – modified a Fujimi kit 75mm gun breach to a 76 mm gun breach, breach guards from brass wire, added seats, intercom radios/brackets and scratched turret basket from brass mesh railroad accessories. Engine bay – added fuel tank/hoses, air intakes and exhaust hoses/nozzles. Model Master paints were used and weathered with oils and pastel chalks.
The model depicts a M4A1 as used by the US Army in Europe WWII from D-Day to conclusion of the war.
This model was entered in small scale armor armor class at the 2015 IPMS USA National Contest in Columbus recently and won 1st place at the Nationals.
This model was also entered in MMD Squadron Eagle Quest in July in Dallas, Texas and won a Gold medal.

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