USS Enterprise 1/350 Scale

Below is a description by Member Chris Vandergrift of his outstanding build of the USS Enterprise. First a few ‘build pics’ and then the finished model. Wow!!!

My carrier is getting close to done. Finished weathering the flight deck. Working on weathering the hull. I put the oils and odorless turpenoid technique you taught me to use – check out my rust streaks 😃 oh and i got the lights on! Lots of hours in this. My wife tells me I have to buy a display case now. Gotta love her!

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“The USS Enterprise CVN-65 is complete! I started April 1st and estimate about 400 hours or so invested to get here. New for the final reveal, You’ll see the sailors on deck for the commemoration of nuclear power and the base. This is the 1/350 Tamiya USS Enterprise. It’s representative of a 2001 era air wing. The hangar bay is all scratch built, the rest of the carrier is all out of box except for the hose reels. I started this years ago and messed them up before I put it away until my skills improved 🙂 I have about 400 sailors on the deck to commemorate the anniversary of nuclear power. Everything about this build is big haha. There’s about 400 feet of fiber optic cable inside and another 50’ of wiring, and 250+ lights. I could write a ton about the build but I think this will do for now.”

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