November meeting Canceled


Important Info;

I had conversation with Dave Ball last night in regards the status of the Church facilities for our meeting Monday Nov 16. We had originally had permission for use of the facility for that time but circumstances have changed. With the spike in Covid 19 within the State of Ohio, Stark County and indeed the entire country, the Church leadership has decided it would not be wise to open up as planned for us. I think this is a wise decision and agree with their sentiments and concerns.

Therefore we are as we have been doing for most of the year and will not be meeting until further notice. Depending on what the Governor says next week we may or may not be able to have our annual Christmas meeting at Mike’s- Wings, Wheel,& Waves hobby shop as usual. There is a good chance we are looking at some time in 2021 and even that is a guess at this point.

Ohio Gov DeWine spoke the other day of the worsening Covid 19 numbers and has stated that he will give the State one more week to see if the increase in numbers start to decline and if not would be making selected shutdowns of some businesses.

I wish everyone the best of health through this coming Thanksgiving.

So until further notice I would recommend we continue to ‘mask up’, ‘social distance’ and keep on model building.



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