Final MOY for Monthly Contests 2018


IPMS Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2017/2018 Monthly contest

Points accumulated as of the December meeting. Theme was Rescue vehicles sponsored by Dave Blankenship. This is the final tally for 2018 Monthly Points Modeler of the Year.

Name Theme Place Points Special Total
(yes/No) Points 2017/18

Dave Ball 39
Aug no(1) 2d(2)
Oct no(1) 2d (2)
Nov no(1) 1st (3)
Jan no(1) 2d(2)
Feb yes(3) 3d(1),
Mar no(1) 2d(2) = 3
April no(1) 1st (3)
May no (1)
June no(1)
Sep yes(3) 1st(3)
Dec no(1) 1st

Dave Blankenship 61
` Aug yes(3) 2d(2)
Dec no(1) 2d (2)
Feb yes(3) 1st (3)
Mar yes(3) 1st (3) = 6
April Stk judge (5)
May Yes (3) 3d (1)
June yes(3) 2d (2)
July yes(3) 1st(3)
Oct yes(3) 1st (3)
Nov no(1) 1st(3)
Dec yes(3) 1st (3), sponsor(5)

Jim Cook 5
Dec yes(3) 2d(2)

Steve Dottavio 4
May no (1) 1st (3)

Chip Eaton 11
Sept yes 2d (3+2=5)
Mar no(1) 1st (3) = 4
June no(1) 3d(1)

Mike Guest 14
Dec no(1)
April yes(3)
June sponsor (5)
Oct yes(3) 2nd(2)

John Hess 3
April yes(3)

Mike Leach 49
Aug yes(3) 3d(1)
September no(1) 1st Non (3)
Oct no(1) sponser (5) **
Nov no(1)
Dec no(1)
Mar yes(3)
April yes(3)
May yes (3)
June yes(3) 3d(1)
July yes(3)
Aug no(1)
Oct yes(3) sponsor (5)
Nov no(1) 3rd(1)
Dec yes(3) 3d(1) + 1 for Non-Theme

Tom Leach 37
Aug sponsor (5)
Sept yes(3) 2d Non(2+1+3=5
Oct yes(3)
Nov no(1)
Dec no(1)
April yes(3)
May yes (3)
June no(1)
July sponsor(5)
Aug no(1)
Oct no(1) 2nd(2)
Nov Y&N(2)

Larry McMillan 39
Aug yes(3)
Oct no(1) 3d(1)
Nov yes(3) 2d (2)
Jan no(10
Feb yes(3)
April Stk judge (5)
May yes (3) 3rd (1)
June yes(3)
July yes(3) 2d(2)
Aug no(1)
Oct yes(3)
Nov yes(3)

Tim Reis 34
Sept yes(3) 2d(2)
Oct yes(3) 2d&3d(3)
Nov no(1) 3d (1)
Dec no(1) 3d(1)
Jan no(1) 3d(1
Mar yes(3)
April yes(3)
May sponser (5)
Sep no(1) 1st(3)
Nov no(1)
Dec no(1)

Steve Reisch 50
Mar yes(3) sponser (5)
April yes(3) 2d (2)
May yes(3) 1st (3)
June yes(3) 1st(3)
July yes(3) 3d(1)
Aug no(1)
Sept yes(3) 2nd(2)
Oct yes(3) 3rd(1)
Nov yes(3) 2d(2)
Dec yes(3) 1st(3)

Bob Ulrich 21
Feb no(1) 1st(3)
April no(1) 2d (2)
July no(1) 1st(3)
Aug no(1) 1st(3)
Nov yes(3) 1st(3)

Chris Vandergrift 3
Dec no(1) 2d(2)

Jim Weaver 4
April yes(1)
Nov yes(3)

Congratulations to Dave Blankenship for winning the Modeler of the Year Monthly Contests Award for 2018. Dave will be honored at the January 2019 meeting.


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