F-2 Viper Zero by Chris Vandergrift

Chris Vandergrift submitted the following – “here’s a build I just did to add to our site…the Hasegawa 1/72 JASDF Viper known as the F-2 in Japan. Really a great kit.
This was a weekend madness build, start to finish in 48hrs, To inspire finishing a kit and having some fun! No obsessing over intricate detail, just good memories to go on the shelf.
craziest part of the build, I didn’t knock the pitot off the side of the fuselage once! Quite proud of that thru all this painting. Also thrilled the canopy still looked good after pulling the tape.

And I’ll leave you all with a fun fact about the aircraft – in Japan they nicknamed it Viper Zero.

Nice job Chris especially in 48 hours start to finish ! Well done !

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