Revell Fokker Triplane

Member Chris Vandergrift submitted this build late last year (2020) and I overlooked getting it into the website, my bad!
In Chris’ own words he offers the following:
“This is Revell’s 1/28 1964 pop of Werner Voss’ F1 Fokker Triplane. I did this between builds just for the fun of it. The streaking was what really excited me. It’s done with oil paint, similar to how you taught me to do dot this case I mixed green and black up then loaded up the brush more or less to get the light and dark shaded streaks. Besides the streaking the only unique thing I did here was to spray a bright white highlight on the ridges Revell put on the wheels to give the illusion of spokes 😆 I managed to get all the kit decals on, although some are better then others. A couple split in 2 and one of them in 3 but overall they were useable for a fun project like this.”
Great build Chris!






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