2023 National Show San Marcos Texas

Member John Shimek attended the National Convention in San Marcos, Texas August 2nd through the 5th. He encountered success placing 1st in category 218-A for 1/72 scale Military Vehicles ‘Fully Tracked through Korea, Allied.

This was a really well entered category and John is just thrilled and amazed to place so high in the competition against other very worthy entrants.

The model is an M4A3 Sherman from Dragon in 1/72 scale and depicts the markings for “Hobo” from the 5th USMC Tank Bn as used on Iwo JIma island in 1945.

Work performed during construction included the following:

Scratched built wading trunk exhaust, ARMO 75mm metal gun, Balsa wood sides with foil metal for jagged edge on top of wood sides, Added 68 Rivets to wood, 46 Sandbags made from Mini-Chicklets gum and 79 spikes on top turret hatches from stretched sprue. Chicken wire on top of sandbags from ;Spawn Net’. Added 140 hand cut track grousers fashioned from Strip Styrene.

Model Masters enamel paint used and Weathered with Oils and AK Interactive washes.

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