EA-6B Prowler

Member Chris Vandergrift brought this EA-6B to a meeting in May 2015 when he was just getting started on it. Chris stated: “I’ve never done anything except out of the box builds and have only painted with a brush. I got lots of advice on air brushing and most of all how to prep the model. Several people even stayed over to answer questions. I’ve filled the seams on this one using Tamiya white putty, and even some bondo in a few places where the gaps were big. It’s the Monogram 1/48 scale version.”
Now we have the finished model and in Chris’ words: “Here are some pics of my finished model. I plan to bring it Monday for the table top. I painted it with Tamiya spray cans. I also had pretty good luck on my first experience using micro-Sol on the decals. I’m really happy with the results given its my first time doing something not out of box. Many thanks to everyone from IPMS Fame Cities that has given me advice and lessons!”

Nice Job Chris! Great Prowler!




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