UH-1B Huey Hog

Member Larry Davis has built this armed Dust Off UH-1B from the 1st Air Cav at An Khe 1965. Larry states: “The model was made from the Hobby Boss Easy Build kit with a lot of parts from the Revell UH-1C Huey Hog. I used the stick, collective, and pedals from the Revell kit. Scratch Built the armored seats and overhead console panel. Modiified the rear wall and seat from the Revell kit to fit the Hobby Boss cabin. Then added bunches of details like the red cross boxes, fire extinguishers, etc.

On the outside I drilled out all the scoops, added a metal pitot tube, drill out the whisker antennas, then scratch built the M60 gun mounts and used a set of QuickBoost M60 guns on the scratch gun stands. Added all the kites and various tow rings and hooks. I used the rotor mast from the Revell kit mated to the rotor base of the Hobby Boss kit. Rotor blades are from the Revell kit to correct the length.

Paint is Model Master 34087 OD with Tamiya NATO Black anti-glare panel, rotor blades, and walkway. Weathering is done with pastels. The base is a piece of Eduard PSP, set in a batch of Vallejo Eartch painted various shades of Vietnam red clay. Scratch built the wood “sidewalk. Sand bags are Chiclets with the sugar coating removed, softened, cut to size and ‘spade. Various pieces/parts like ammo boxes and first aid bags came from the parts box.” Very nice build Larry. Thanks for sharing.


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