5 Kit Builds by Steve Courtney

We have several automotive model builds by member Steve Courtney with beautiful results.
First is an 1966 ElComino painted with ‘House of Color Lime Gold’ and ‘Xotic Blueberry Flame’. Steve lowered the body a little on this build.
Second is a ’29 Ford built box stock and painted a red pearl with custom mixed ‘kandy’ on top.
Third is the 1956 Ford Pickup painted with Tamiya paints, on the fender is Model Master Aluminum and weathered with ‘Sophisticated Finishes’.
Fourth is a Mini Chopper that came with the Monte Carlo wheeler dealer kit in 1/25 scale. Steve modified it to sit lower and painted with flaked and kandy paint.
Fifth is a 1965 Chevy Step Side truck lowrider, with heavy silver flakes, Xotic kandy panels and SEM Manderian Kandy over the whole body of the model.

Excellent work Steve!

3-21-2015 007

5-11-2014 008

5-11-2014 011

2-8-2016 002 (800x450)

3-16-2016 005 (800x450)

8-21-2014 002 (800x450)8-21-2014 001 (800x450)

4-23-2015 009 (800x450)9-16-2015 003 (800x450)9-16-2015 002 (800x450)

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