F-100 Vietnam 1965 by Bob Ulrich

Member Bob Ulrich built this beautiful 1/48 scale Trumpeter model F-100D depicted as flown by Captain Don Kilgus, 416 Tactical Fighter Squadron in Vietnam in 1965. On April 4, 1965 Capt Kilgus engaged a MiG-17 with cannon fire and claimed a ‘kill’. He was credited initially, but ;higher authority’ downgraded to a probable.

The kit features a cockpit detailed with Eduard color photo-etch, and an AMS ejection seat. The FOD cover is also an AMS product.Paint is overall Model Car World gloss aluminum lacquer (the actual aircraft was silver lacquer), applied black primer mottled with shades of grey to simulate the worn and weathered condition of these combat birds. Additional mottling with shades of Alclad enhanced the effect. Weathered with Tamiya panel lines washes, heavily thinned Tamiya smoke and pastels. The hot engine section finished with various Alclad metal shades and transparent colors. Decals by Caracal.








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