2013 MOY Points Current Standings

Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2012/2013

Points accumulated as of October2012 meeting

Name Theme Place Points special 2012/13
(yes/No) total
Larry Davis 25
Aug no(1) 1st 1+3
Sept Yes(3) 2nd+2 `Svasm, 2nd & 3rd(6)
Oct yes(3) 2nd+2 NNL (5)
Dave Ball 5
Aug no(1) 1
Sept no(1) 1
Oct no(1) 2nd(2)
Al Hubert 7
Aug no(1) 2d 1+2
Oct yes(3) 3rd(+1)
Mike Meridith 38
Aug no(1) (Nats- 5 +3 1st, 1 3d = 33
Oct no(+1) 1st(+3); M&T +5
John Shimek 23
Aug yes(3) 3d + Nats-5 +2d =
Sept yes(3)
Oct M&T +5
Rick Slagle 10
Aug yes(3) 1st
Oct SVASM(3d+4)
Larry McMillen 6
Aug yes(3)
Sept yes(3)
Jim Cook 11
Aug yes(3)
Oct yes(+3) M&T +%
Jim Reisch 12
Aug yes(3)
Sept yes(3) 3rd(1)
Oct M&T +5
Steve Reisch
Aug yes(3) 2d 8
Oct yes(+3)
Chuck Burkett
Aug yes(3) 12
Oct yes(+3+1); M&T +5
Denny Ankeny 3
Aug yes(3)
Mike Leach 6
Aug yes(3)
Oct yes(+3)
Mark Gamble 1
Aug no(1)
Joe Staudt 11
Sept yes(3)
Oct yes(+3); M&T +5
JR Bruegger 4
Sept yes(3) 1st(3)
Chip Eaton 6
Sept yes(3)
Oct yes(+3)
Steve Dottavio 8
Sept yes(3)
Oct M&T +5
Ken Patterson 8
Sept SVASM(2) 2-1st(6)
Dave Kinney 18
Oct yes(+3+3) Zane Inv(+3+9)
Ralph Nollan 3
Oct yes(+3)
Chris Cook 5
Oct M&T +5
Jerry Royer 5
Oct M&T +5
Doug Plum 5
Oct M&T +5
Mike Foresea 5
Oct M&T +5

Explanation of codes
BlizCon – Columbus invitational 2pts enter, 3/2/1 pts for wins (1st/2d/3d)
CSM – Cleveland Show 2pts enter, 3/2/1 pts for wins (1st/2d/3d)
M&T – Make & Take participation
NNL – NNL Toledo Nationals 5 pts entry
TriCon – Pittsburg invitational 2pts enter, 3/2/1/ pts for wins (1st/2d/3d)
WrightCon Regional 3pts enter, 5/4/3 pts for wins (1st/2d/3d)
Zane – Zanesville Inv 3pts enter, 3/2/1 pts for wins (1st/2d/3d)
AMPS Regional 3pts enter, 5/4/3 for wins (1st/2d/3d)
IPMS Nationals – 5 pts entry, 10/6/3 (1st/2d/3d)
“Best Of” is same as 1st place in class and gets same amount of points.

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