Feb 2018 MOY Monthly


IPMS Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2017/2018 Monthly contest

Points accumulated as of the February meeting. Theme was British Empire sponsored by Ralph Nollan. Points shown include those changed from the Master list.

Name Theme Place Points Special Total
(yes/No) Points 2017/18

Dave Ball 20
Aug no(1) 2d(2)
Oct no(1) 2d (2)
Nov no(1) 1st (3)
Jan no(1) 2d(2)
Feb yes(3) 3d(1), BlizzCon (3)
Dave Blankenship 14
` Aug yes(3) 2d(2)
Dec no(1) 2d (2)
Feb yes(3) 1st (3)
Chip Eaton 5
Sept yes 2d (3+2=5)
Mike Guest 1
Dec no(1)
Mike Leach 17
Aug yes(3) 3d(1)
September no(1) 1st Non (3)
Oct no(1) sponser (5) **
Nov no(1)
Dec no(1)
Tom Leach 19
Aug sponser (5)
Sept yes(3) 2d Non(2+1+3=6
Oct yes(3)
Nov no(1) **
Dec no(1)
Larry McMillan 14
Aug yes(3)
Oct no(1) 3d(1)
Nov yes(3) 2d (2)
Jan no(10
Feb yes(3)

Tim Reis 17
Sept yes(3) 2d(2)
Oct yes(3) 2d&3d(3)
Nov no(1) 3d (1)
Dec no(1) 3d(1)
Jan no(1) 3d(1)
Bob Ulrich 4
Feb no(1) 1st(3)

** Cleveland show points deducted from Monthly points per members request

Explanation of codes
BlizCon Columbus Invitational 3pts
Cle Cleveland Model Show 3pts
M&T Make & Take participation 5pts
TolCon Toledo Invitational 3pts
TriC Three Rivers Invitational 3pts
R4 Region 4 Regional 5pts
Nats IPMS Nationals 10pts
AmLeg American Legion Show 5pts
Theme sponser 5 pts
“Best of” winners is same points as 1st Place in class

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