2016 Theme Contests

Here is the list for Theme Contests at our monthly IPMS FameCities/Ed Kinney Chapter meetings. Sponsors of each monthly category is listed after month heading.
Themes for 2016

January – Ralph Nolan, British empire,
February – Mike Guest, Sci-Fi,
March – Mike Guest, Anything that fought in Afghan wars,
April – John Shimek, First and Last,
May –
June – Larry Davis, Pacific theater, CBI,
July –
August – Steve Reisch, Bigger is Better, 1/32 Aircraft or larger, 1/16 Vehicles or larger, 1/72 Ships or larger.
September – Club is sponsoring in memory of Ed Kinney, USMC,
October – Steve Dottavio, Vietnam, ’63 to ’75,
November – Mike Leach, King of Battle: Artillery, anything in an artillery unit.
December –

Non-Theme Contests
There is a non-theme contest every month, whether or not a theme contest is planned. So bring whatever you’ve got and let’s fill up those tables!

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