4th Canadian Armored Div Diorama

Here’s a small diorama representing a crew from the 15th Field Artillery Regiment/4th Canadian Armoured Division set up somewhere in NW Europe in the early spring of 1945.


Dave’s commented : It comprises the 1976 release of the Peerless-Max Canadian Chevrolet Field Gun Tractor, the Testers 6 Pound Anti-Tank Gun (which traces its lineage to Peerless-Max from the same time period) and figures from the Miniart British Tank Crew Winter Uniform set. Despite their age, the Peerless-Max kits hold up well against recent releases of the same subjects and have the benefit of not being over-engineered and containing thousands of pieces! The gun tractor and gun were painted with Ammo by Mig acrylics and the figures were done with Vallejo acrylics.”
Very nicely done Dave, kudos!

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