MOY Standings November 2017

IPMS Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2016/2017

Points accumulated as of the November meeting. The theme contest was Vietnam sponsored by Larry Davis. November points include Cleveland Model Show.

Name Theme Place Points Special Total
(yes/No) Points 2017/18

Dave Ball 10
Aug no(1) 2d(2)
Oct no(1) 2d (2)
Nov no(1) 1st (3)
Dave Blankenship 5
` Aug yes(3) 2d(2)
Syeve Courtney 10
Oct yes(3)
Nov Cle (3) Best of(3), 3d (1)
Larry Davis 28
Aug yes(3) 1st(3),
TolCon 3d (3+1=4)
Sept yes(3) 1st (3+3=6)
Nov yes(3) Sponsor (5)
Cle (3) 3d (1)
Chip Eaton 5
Sept yes 2d (3+2=5)
Al Hubert 16
Aug no(1) 1st(3)
TolCon 2-1st, 1-2d(3+3+3+2=11)
Oct no(1)
Mike Leach 22
Aug yes(3) 3d(1)
Sept no (1+3=4) Non 1st
Oct no(1) sponser(5)
Nov no(1)
Cle(3) 2d & 3d (2+1)
Tom Leach 22
Aug sponsor(5)
Sept yes (3+2=5) 2d Non
Oct yes(3) 1st(3)
Nov no(1)
Cle(3) 2-3d(2)
Larry McMillan 10
Aug yes(3)
Oct no(1) 3d(1)
Nov yes(3) 2d (2)

Ralph Nollan 13
Aug TolCon1st(3+3=6)
Nov no(1) 2d(2)
Ken Patterson 3
Sept TolCon (3)
Tim Reis 13
Sept yes(3) 2d(2)
Oct yes(3) 2d&3d(3)
Nov no(1) 3d (1)
John Shimek 11*
Aug no(1) 3d(1)
Nov yes(3) 3d(1)
Cle (3) 2d (2)
Bob Ulrich 4
Oct no(1) 1st(3)

* ineligible previous year MOY winner

Explanation of codes
BlizCon Columbus Invitational 3pts
Cle Cleveland Model Show 3pts
M&T Make & Take participation 5pts
TolCon Toledo Invitational 3pts
TriC Three Rivers Invitational 3pts
R4 Region 4 Regional 5pts
Nats IPMS Nationals 10pts
AmLeg American Legion Show 5pts
Theme sponser 5 pts
“Best of” winners is same points as 1st Place in class

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