August 2017 Meeting

Our August meeting will be Monday August 21, 2017 at the ACME store located at 1474 North Main Street, North Canton. ACME is in the same shopping area as Ollie’s across from McDonald’s fast food. Suggested entrance is on the North side (facing Main Street) doorways. Veer left as you enter the store and proceed to the back where you will see a glass sided meeting room. The store Manager and security is aware that we will be carrying in boxes/containers of our models. Meetings start at are usual time of 6:30 PM. Be aware that no food or drink is allowed to be brought into the store facility. Hope to see you there.
There is a theme contest this month: ‘Recovery Vehicles’ ie. tow trucks, sky cranes, etc.(Civil and Military) by member Tom Leach.

There is also our monthly non-theme contest.

The contest themes for the rest of 2017 currently are:

September – ‘Anything USMC ‘– Club is sponsoring in memory of Ed Kinney
October – ‘Monstrous’ sponsored by member Mike Leach
November – ‘Vietnam’ sponsored by member Larry Davis.

Non-Theme Contests
There is a non-theme contest every month, whether or not a theme contest is planned. So bring whatever you’ve got and let’s fill up those tables!

Just a reminder that our September Meeting will be a date change to Sunday Sept. 17, 2017 at John Shimek’s house at 1 PM. This is our annual family picnic meeting. More details to come.
Upcoming Demos

If you would like to present a demo, or if you have a demo subject you would like to see presented, talk to one of the officers at the meeting. Odds are, many of the rest of us would be interested, also!
Our web site needs content! Send your photos and other items of interest to John Shimek: Check out the site at .
Hope to see you there and if you have a friend or young one interested in the hobby, bring them along.


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