MOY Standings September 2016


Here is the latest figures for Modeler of Year standings for Fame Cities/ Ed Kinney Chapter. A big thanks as always to member Larry Davis for doing the yeoman’s work on tabulating the results.

IPMS Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2016/2017

Points accumulated as of September 2016 meeting , theme USMC
Name Theme Place Points Special Total
(yes/No) Points 2015-2016

Dave Ball 4
Aug no 1st (1+3=4)
Dave Blankenship 8
September Y 1st & 2d (3+3+2=8)
Chuck Burkett 5
Aug Y 2d(3+2=5)
Steve Courtney 8
Sept Svasm 1st & 3d (3+3+2=8)
Steve Dottavio 6
Aug Y 1st(3+3=6)
Al Hubert 6
Sept Svasm 1st (3+3=6)
Mike Leach 7
Aug Y (3)
September Y 3rd(3+1=4)
Ralph Nollan 4
Aug y 3d(3+1=4)
Steve Reisch 5
Aug sponsor(5)
John Shimek 41
Aug N 2d(2) Nats, 2 3ds (3+10+6+6=25)
Sept Y 2d&2d (3+2+2=7) Svasm – Best of &2d&3d (3+3+2+1=9)

Explanation of codes
BlizCon Columbus Invitational 3pts
Cle Cleveland Model Show 3pts
M&T Make & Take participation 5pts
TolCon Toledo Invitational 3pts
TriC Three Rivers Invitational 3pts
R4 Region 4 Regional 5pts
Nats IPMS Nationals 10pts
“Best of” winners is same points as 1st Place in class

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