Merry Christmas!

IPMS Fame Cities/ Ed Kinney Chapter Meeting Reminder
The December meeting will be at Perry Twp Police Station on Monday, December 28 at 6:30 PM. The ‘Theme Contest’ for December is ‘ International Scale’ (anything 1/72 scale or smaller) sponsored by member Larry Davis and there will be a non-theme contest sponsored by the club. Be ready to discuss Theme topics for the upcoming year of 2016. This is our Christmas get together and pizzas and soda will be supplied by the Chapter. Please bring along some Holiday goodies to share.
Mark your calendars!
Upcoming Contests 2015
December – International Scale (anything 1/72 scale or smaller)
Non-Theme Contests
There is a non-theme contest every month, whether or not a theme contest is planned. So bring whatever you’ve got and let’s fill up those tables!
Member Bob Ulrich has posted the October 2015 issue of our newsletter via email. Thanks for your efforts Bob.
Upcoming Demos
If you would like to present a demo, or if you have a demo subject you would like to see presented, talk to one of the officers at the meeting. Odds are, many of the rest of us would be interested, also!
Our web site needs content! Send your photos and other items of interest to John Shimek: Check out the site at .
Directions to Perry Police Station: 622 Genoa Avenue SW, Massillon, Ohio
Our website has the new meeting place posted with a Google maps link.
Because this is a public safety building, we will be expected to follow certain rules and restrictions. Meeting time will continue to be 6:30 PM. We must vacate the room by 9:00 PM. The meeting room is in the lower level of the building. There are restroom facilities are available on that level. We are absolutely not permitted beyond the lower level at any time. Bear in mind that the people enforcing this rule carry guns. Parking is available on the south side of the building, but do not park in the posted areas immediately adjacent to the building. These spaces ore reserved for official vehicles. From the parking area you will see a set of white double doors. These doors ore normally locked from the outside at all times. They will propped open with kick stops for our access. When entering DO NOT allow the doors to close completely as anyone following will be locked out. The meeting room is immediately to your left as you enter the building. The room has a coffee maker and microwave available, but we are responsible for cleaning up after ourselves. At the meeting conclusion, exit out the same doors you entered through. After the last person leaves we will undo the kick slops and allow the doors lo close and lock. If you have any questions call John Shimek (330-477-6224) or Bob Ulrich (330-479-9241).
Hope to see you there and if you have a friend or young one interested in the hobby, bring them along.

Starting in January of 2016 we will be moving to a new meeting venue at the ACME grocery store in North Canton and our scheduled Monday will be the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. More info on this will be posted.

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