Monthly Contest’s and Demo’s 2012

  • May – ‘Build What You Normally Don’t’ contest by John Shimek, i.e., Armor Guys build other than armor, Aircraft guys build other than aircraft, etc.
  • June – Classics : Any subject Pre-1980 Kit contest by Larry Davis
  • July – At The Movies contest by J.R. Bruegger. Anything that was used depicted in the movies. Give a brief description of how it was used – Cars,Trucks,Military, Civilian.
  • August – ‘Anything Soviet/Russian’ contest by Steve Dottavio.
  • September – ‘Polish a Turd’ contest by Ed Kinney, i.e., ¬†build a really bad/inaccurate kit and turn it into a gem. This contest will be help at Ed’s house for our annual family picnic.
  • October – Model + Animal Theme contest by Rick Slagle, i.e., can be depicted through markings on aircraft or vehicle or an actual animal beside the model.
  • December – Guard/Reserves Theme contest by Ralph Nolan.

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