Modeler of Year Standings

IPMS Fame Cities Modeler of the Year 2014/2015

Points accumulated as of June 2015 meeting
Includes Region 4 Convention
Name Theme Place Points Special Total
(yes/No) Points 2013/2014

Dave Ball 15
Aug No(1) 2d(2)
Sept yes(3) 2d(2)
Oct no(1)
Nov no(1) 3d(1)
Dec yes(3)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Feb no(1) 3d(1)
Dave Blankenship 25
Oct no(1) 2d(2)
Nov yes(3) 1st(3)
Dec yes(3) 1st(non) – 3
Jan yes(3) 1sr(3)
Mar no(1) 1st(3)
Chuck Burkett 25
Aug no(1) 3rd(1)
Oct yes(3) 2d(2)
Nov yes(3) 2d(2)
Dec yes(3)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Mar Tri)3)
May no(1) 3rd(1)
June no(1)
Larry Davis 63
Aug yes(3) 2d(2)
Sept SVASM, 2d & 3d(3+2+1=6)
Oct no(1) 3d(1)
Nov no(1) 1st(3)
Dec yes(3) 1st(3) = sponsor(5)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1) 1st(3)
April yes(3) 3d(1) R-4 Con(5), 1st(5)
May no(1) 1st(3)
June no(1) 2d(2), Tol 2d (3+2)
Steve Dottavio 8
Aug Aug sponsor(5)
Dec yes(3)
Chip Eaton 14
Aug yes(3) 3rd(1)
Dec yes(3)
Jan yes(3) 2d(2)
June no(1) 3d(1)
Lee Eckelberger 1
June no(1)
Jon Exton 4
Sept yes(3) 3d(1)
Mark Gamble 48
Aug Nats(10 3d(6)
Oct no(1) 1st(3)
Nov no(1) 2d(2) Cle(3) – 3 1st,1 2d, 1 3d(9+2=1)
Jan yes(3) 3d(1)
Mar no(1) 1st(3)
June no(1) 1st(3)
Al Hubert 47
Aug no(1) 1st(3)
Sept Svasm(3) 2d(2)
Oct no(1) 1st(3)
Dec no(1) 2d(2)
Mar no(1) 2d(2) Tri(3), 2d,3d,Best(2+1+3=6)
April yes(3) 1st(3)
May no(1) 2d(2)
June Tol 1st & 2-2ds (3+7)
Glenn Kleiber 23
Aug Nats(10) 1st & 3d(10+3)
Mike Leach 10
Nov no(1) Cle(3), 3d(1)
Dec no(1)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Larry Mcmillan 10
Aug Yes(3)
Sept yes(3)
Dec yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Andy Miday 3
Jan yes(3)
Ryan Newell 4
Feb no(1) 2d(2)
Mar no(1)
Ralph Nollan 19
Nov no(1)
Dec yes(3) 2nd(2)
Jan no(1) sponser(5), 3d(non1)
June Tol Best(3+3)
Ken Patterson 23
Sept SVASM (3) 2d(2)
Nov Cle(3), 1st(3)
Mar Tri(3), 1st(3)
June Tol 1st(3+3)
Jim Reisch 9
Sept yes(3)
Oct yes(3)
Dec yes(3)
Steve Reisch 9
Nov sponser(5)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Tim Ries 5
Feb no(1) 3d(1)
April yes(3)
John Shimek 85
Aug Nats(10) 3-2d(18)
Sept Yes(3) 1st(3) Svasm(3) 1st&3d(3+1)
Oct yes(3) 3d(1)
Nov no(1) Cle(3), 2d(2)
Dec yes(3) 3rd(1)
Jan yes(3) 2d(non-2)
Feb no(1) 3d(1) Bliz(3)(1st & 2d – 5)
Mar no(1) Tri(3), 3-3rds(3)
April R4 Con(5), 2d(4)
Rick Slagle 5
Oct Sponsor(5)
Joe Staudt 20
Aug yes(3)
Sept no(1) 1st(3)
Oct no(1)
Nov yes(3) 3d(1)
Dec yes(3)
Jan yes(3)
Feb no(1)
Mar no(1)
Bob Ulrich 50
Aug yes(3) 1st(3)
Oct yes(3) 1st (3)
Nov Cle(3), 1st &3d(3+1)
Dec yes(3)
Jan no(1) 1st(3)
Feb no(1) 1st(3) R4 Con(5), 1-1st & Best(5+5)
April yes(3) 2d(2) R4 Con(5) 1st & Best(5+5)
Jim Weaver 3
Dec yes(3)

Explanation of codes
BlizCon Columbus Invitationa(BlizCon) 3pts
Cle Cleveland Model Show 3pts
M&T Make & Take participation 5pts
TriC Three Rivers Invitational 3pts
R4 Region 4 Regional 5pts
Nats IPMS Nationals 10pts
“Best of” is same as 1st Place in class

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