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RB – 51

Fisher Model 1/32 scale RB-51 by Ed Kinney. Ed built this fine version of the P-51 with an all lacquer finish and says that it is an EXCEPTIONALLY Fine model and an easy build. Hope you enjoy.

Starboard side view

Kinetic Prowler

Ed Kinney’s 1/48 Scale Kinetic Prowler is show cased using decals from Fightertown (Cougars),Verlinden seats, Steel Beach intake covers and Model Masters paints.


Airco DH-2

Mark Smith presents his Eduard 1/72nd scale Airco DH-2 “Pusher”.  Mark built his Airco largely out-of-the-box, and achieved the complex rigging using fine ceramic rod. The Airco DH.2 was a single-seat biplane “pusher” aircraft which operated...


Aichi D3A1 Val

Jerry Royer’s 1/48 scale Hasegawa D3A1 Val carrier attack plane.  Jerry built his dive bomber out-of-the-box, created paint masks from the kit decals, and painted the markings on. Jerry chose to model Lieutenant Commander...


Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate

Mike Meredith’s 1/48th scale Tamiya Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (allied code name “Frank”).  Mike sanded off and rescribed all the panel lines, installed an aftermarket resin cockpit, and painted many of the markings.  The model...


Hawker Sea Fury

Ed Kinney’s 1/32nd scale Fisher Models Hawker Sea Fury.  Ed constructed the resin kit out-of-the-box, and finished it using Model Master enamels.  It’s displayed on a custom made Royal Navy aircraft carrier deck display...

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